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Maintaining your e-scooter is crucial: it can prolong its life and help you get the most out of your purchase. This is your commuting device, and just as a car or an e-bike, it is also best left to the professionals who understand its complexity. This is why fixing your electric scooter at the professional repair shop is usually the best choice. Click here for more info. 

In this article, we will show you what are the benefits of fixing your device at Cyclecure, what we do differently and why choosing us over a classic repair shop might help repair your device faster, and more easily. 


Who is Cyclecure and what is our vision?

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Cyclecure is more than a repair shop: it’s an ecosystem of everything that is related to the repair of e-scooters. Besides offering professional repair of electric scooters, starting from tire changing, solving electric issues, replacing the battery or hand grips, we differ from classic shops because we adapt to you.

You have several options according to your schedule and preferences: you can bring your step to us, or book an on-the-spot repair, in the office or at your home (soon all over Belgium). This is because Cyclecure is not just a repair shop per say - you can see it is actually a platform, it’s a community and it’s a network of mechanics that we are aiming to build.

We want to develop Cyclecure into a marketplace that matches people in need with accessible and trained e-scooter mechanics. In contrast to a regular repair shop, we have large ambitions to create a network accessible in an entire country in the future and to provide e-scooter riders with repairs wherever they currently are, with our supervision, training and the necessary tools and equipment.



As our customer, you can count on our promise of high-quality repairs. In this context, we also offer a repair guarantee, which means that if you have a problem with your device within a given time frame after the repair, there will be no extra cost to look at it again.

To keep track of how well we’re doing, on top of everything, we use an evaluation system for all our mechanics. This way we keep everybody accountable for the quality that they provide; this is also to encourage the repairmen to keep up their good work and consequently, to keep customers happy. 



When you repair your e-scooter with Cyclecure, you as a customer have a direct look into the pricing, and get notifications of what is going on with your device at any moment. You can follow the status of the repair from the moment of booking, when your e-scooter gets to the repair room, the repair process starts and finally, to when it is completed - it’s all visible to you.

The whole service is fully communicated, making the Cyclecure platform the only digital platform in the e-scooter repair sector in that respect. We send notifications and reminders so that you are always up-to-date on the reparation status of their device.

A huge part of the transparency asset also comes from our ‘no hidden costs’ policy. At the beginning of the whole repair process you receive clear information about what has to be fixed on your e-scooter and for what price. You can see for yourself whether you agree to paying this particular sum for a particular kind of repair. In short,  you will never be surprised by any unexpected extra costs.



Another big perk for our Cyclecure customers is the convenience factor. Why is that important? 

When something happens to your device, the first thing you will probably do is to simply “google” who can repair your e-scooter. You will find a number of shops, you will open Google Maps and try to estimate how long it will take you to get there. 

Proximity and logistics issues are popping up. You may not own a car or you may have difficult access to public transport, so suddenly you end up having the hassle of carrying a 15-20 kg device to the nearest shop, which may not be the most convenient experience to have. Especially at busy hours, choosing public transport in those circumstances will not be very pleasant for sure. At Cyclecure we are trying to make this experience the most convenient possible for you. Starting from the fact that the booking can be made digitally, with no need to talk to anyone via phone, or wait for the phone call from staff, you will know what time their device will be picked up. You will also be aware of the problem described via the booking site is something that can be repaired on the spot or if further intervention is required and their electric scooter needs to be transported to one of our workshops.

In either case, you don’t have to move or carry the device.

We come to you, we can repair it at your place or take it to our repair shop and deliver it back to you at a competitive price.


High level of expertise

Another reason Cyclecure isn’t like any classic repair shop: Our team is trained to repair and maintain a greater variety of devices. 

You will find a lot of traditional repair shops that will have experience with the most commonly sold devices, such as Xiaomi or Ninebot. They will focus their entire efforts on those models, whereas we are monitoring ALL the requests coming from clients and all the devices on a weekly or daily basis.

In case of less known brands, we contact the producers of the devices to which we don’t have access to their spare parts. We are continuously working on expanding the variety of devices we can handle and right now, we do more than any other repair shop can take. The variety of devices that we can repair is very wide.


Sustainability matters

Last but not least, an important part of the Cyclecure framework is sustainability and circularity. Our company incorporates its sustainable policy in two ways.

The first is environmental - we try to expand the lifespan of the devices so that they don’t end up as electronic waste. What’s more, we also try to make the duration of your device the longest possible.

By fixing broken e-scooters and by helping you maintain your device in a good condition, we help you prolong the life of your e-scooter and help build a circular economy.

On top of the brand new spare parts, we also have parts that are recuperated from other used devices and that contribute to the cheaper price.  

The second way is about paying forward to the community. We believe in equal opportunities so we create employment opportunities for people who have difficulties on the job market or are less privileged than other parts of the population. 

Specifically, we work with Sheltered Workshops, an organization that employs only disabled people. The idea here is to create equal employment opportunities for them.

Those who want to make some savings can work with us without full-time employment and on a part-time basis.

They choose what time fits them best and how many hours per week they want to work.

We give all of them basic training before they start working with us and this job experience could be a stepping stone for some to access more jobs in the future.

To sum up, this is why Cyclecure is a better option for repairing your e-scooter:

  1. We’re specialized in e-scooter repairs unlike classic bike repair shops
  2. We repair a wider variety of e-scooter brands and models
  3. Time-saving 🕓
  4. Well-organized and transparent booking system 📝
  5. We will take care of the delivery of your e-scooter to our repair shop if needed!
  6. No hidden costs - the pricing is set before the repair and clearly explained
  7. You get the repair guarantee and our professionals will give you extra tips about the well-being of your device 

Are you interested in our Cyclecure team repairing your e-scooter?

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Cyclecure Team
Post by Cyclecure Team
January 14, 2022
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