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We are very excited to announce that STEPfix is launching a crowdfunding campaign via the platform soon. This will allow almost everyone to directly invest in our company and contribute to developing a more circular micromobility ecosystem in the region.

What is

LITA is the biggest and most well-known innovative crowdfunding platform which is based in France and which has further expanded to Belgium and Italy. It focuses solely on sustainable projects with a positive social impact that are economically efficient, socially equitable, and ecologically sustainable.

The mission of Lita is to participate actively and effectively in reducing social and environmental inequalities around the world and it aims to build a better, more sustainable, and more inclusive future. It is 100% committed to helping investors from all walks of life build transparent, responsible portfolios. 

Importance for STEPfix

Our broader mission is to help build an ecosystem of businesses and solutions around the concepts of circular economy and micro mobility. Therefore, getting accepted on allows us to reach our goal. It is also another form of validation for our business model and its sustainability.

Only 5% of the startups that want to use this platform are accepted. This shows that they give great importance to having an impact on the world, and being in this small percentage of start-ups accepted further indicates how strongly STEPfix shows its commitment to the values of sustainability and impact.

Being on this platform will provide us greater exposure to various potential stakeholders, customers, partnerships, the press, and investors. It will also help in securing financial assistance and investments.

How does it work?

Investors from have the option to offer their own resources to contribute to the success of the company, becoming the company's ambassador. All you have to do is complete your impact investing profile, choose the project and invest online.


Why invest via Lita?

Investing via has many benefits environmentally, socially as well as financially. 

In terms of impact, it allows you to contribute to the energy transition, education, access to employment, housing, entrepreneurship in developing countries. 

Lita enables you to support an organization of which you know the maturity and associated risks - whether it is a startup, an SME, an association, a real estate, or an energy project. 

On the financial side, you can subscribe to shares, bonds, or cooperative shares. In the case of STEPfix, participation is only possible via investing into shares.

In fact, you can filter the green and sustainable investment opportunities according to size, location, and maturity. This way you are able to find the perfect investment opportunity for you!

All of this can be done completely online, and transparently.

Why invest in STEPfix?

STEPfix is a specialized e-mobility repair platform that stands out with its expertise, transparency, and convenience to its customers with its wide network and premium logistics service. 

However, STEPfix is much more than that. An important part of the STEPfix framework is sustainability and circularity. It realizes these values in two ways.

The first is environmental. By expanding the lifespan of the devices, we reduce electronic waste and help build a circular economy. 

The second way is about paying forward to the community. It is important for us to create equal opportunities, that is why we create employment opportunities for people who have difficulties on the job market. 

By investing into STEPfix, alongside the benefits of convenience and transparency via Lita, you also contribute directly to our social mission: the creation of jobs, and the emergence of innovative and sustainable solutions to contemporary social issues.

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We are very excited about this campaign and can’t wait to see the positive momentum it will create in our business!

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STEPfix Team
Post by STEPfix Team
March 4, 2022
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