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Cyclecure is protecting the environment by selling off destocked Billy Bikes to offer you an electric bike that is both reliable and affordable.

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Are you a business that wants to offer sustainable commuting options to its employees? Or a fleet operator in need of robust e-bikes?                        

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Why buy a Billy Bike V3 Series?

Made for a sharing service, these solid and reliable electric bikes where build to last and resist any type of weather and roads.

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85 km* of autonomy

Equipped with a Panasonic battery of a 14Ah capacity, this e-bike has an autonomy of 85 km* with a speed up to 25km/h. 

Puncture proof tyres

Puncture-proof tyres

With AIRFOM technology inner tyre with Kenda outer tyre, mounted on 26 inches aluminium rims, these e-bike tyres are specially made to be more resistant to punctures.

A sturdy basket

A sturdy basket

This sturdy metal basket can carry up to 30kg and offer a large volume of 35 liters.

*May vary depending on the riding conditions

And because the bikes get saved, it's good for the environment, too!

A new e-bike for  ̶€̶2̶2̶9̶9̶  €1195? Yes, please!